Monday, August 8, 2011

3..2...1...Activate Body Potential.....update

So for those who have been following my progress with my trainer Ben at Activate Body Potential, here is an update.
I will be honest, when I attempted to start this program back in June, I was being stupid. Not because the program wasnt absolutely feasible. But because I should have known with my hectic schedule being twice as nuts as usual, due to moving and vacations and taking on new clients, the timing was bad. The ability would have been there, but I can say truthfully my commitment wasnt what I needed it to be.
Though Ben was totally encouraging throughout and gave me great advice, it was like any other habit that needed to be broken. I needed to WANT it more. 

So recently after getting a bit down on myself about how I felt I was failing the program (though Ben told me I was not), I found additional inspiration in a weird place. VH1's Celebrity Rehab.
One night when I couldnt sleep because my dumb ass ate Wendy's and it made me sick, I got caught up in an episode from this season. Now, though I do drink I have fortunately never been an alcoholic. And I have never used drugs. But upon watching it I realized I had another addiction I needed to battle. A food addiction! 
I ended up watching all this season's episodes that night because I was relating so much to the people on there. There is always something in your life that causes an addiction and powers it. For me I know that stress, both work and family, were powering my food addiction. Dont get me wrong, I am not a binge eater or anything. I just have a love for food that has been stronger than my love for being in shape. I need to conquer that addiction in order to ever reach my fitness goals. 
Well once I targeted the main issue, I told Ben. He was of course so encouraging and ready to help me adjust my plan to be more suitable to my life. I cant quit the foods I love cold turkey and I was overpromising myself how much I could workout each week. I wanted quick results (as we all do) and so I wanted a high intensity plan. But i realized that by taking the intense plan but not being able to do it, I was getting less results than if I had taken the less intense plan that I could actually stick to! 
Ben has crafted a new plan for me that involves 4 workouts a week at Activate Body. We have also adjusted my eating plan to work on one goal a week. First week was eat protein every day before noon. Second was pick lunch selections from the places I eat when I am working at the museum, and stick to them. Third was drinking more water. 
And you know what? ITS WORKING! I lost about 3% body fat and the pounds I lost are all fat! 
I feel so great each day knowing that I am doing a plan I can stick to, and that its working! 
I am so thankful to have Ben as my trainer. I really suggest that if you are looking for someone to help change this part of your life, you go see him. 
Its time to Activate YOUR Body Potential!!!!


  1. I'm so proud of all your progress so far! You're doing a great job and at this rate we'll be hitting all your goals in no time! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  2. Sounds like you're making great progress! I can completely relate to your comment about taking on too muc at a time: it's hard to succeed at something when you feel like you're failing every time. The more Ahieveable the Task, the more likely you are to reach your goals! My work with Ben has definitely helped me get a grasp of this concept, and I've been doing my best to apply it to other parts of my life, as well.