Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3...2...1....Activate Body Potential! Part 4

As part of my Activate Body Potential program, Ben took the information and designed a complete workout and eating plan specifically for me. Based on my needs, my abilities, my desired results, and my schedule. 
At our second one-on-one training session, Ben reviewed the program with me. First is my layout of working out during the week. As requested my "day off" from working out is Sunday. However there is one thing that I still need to do on Sundays. I still need to follow my eating plan and I still need to do my morning circuit. Each morning (as soon as I wake up, even before I pee or brush my teeth!) I need to do my Neural Activation Circuit. This circuit has several benefits. Not only is it jumpstarting my body for the day into fat burning mode by boosting my metabolic rate, but I find that starting the day this way helps put me on a path to make better decisions the rest of the day. A series of 7 exercises, it takes less than 10 minutes each morning to do. Come on, we can ALL do at least that much, right? Ben walked me through the circuit to make sure I understand each activity. And let me tell you (especially since my muscles were still sore from Wednesdays Boot Camp) that little bit of time really got my blood pumping! 
So Sundays, are stay on my food plan and do my Morning Neural Activation Circuit. (To save my fingers we will call that the MNAC from now on) Now on Mondays I still start the day with MNAC and follow my eating plan, but I also have my one-on-one session at Activate Body Potential (ABP) with Ben. A great way to start the week!
Tuesdays, again start with MNAC, but I have a program to follow on my own for working out. Designed by Ben of course, on Tuesdays I do my Bodyweight Circuit. This is a series of 8 different exercises, with varying reps for each, that I must do back to back with no breaks. From squats to pushups to lunges to dead lifts, all using my own bodyweight as the resistance. So no equipment needed! Ben again walked me through this entire circuit. We found one exercise was a bit straining on my neck (i had 2 discs replaced in 2006) so we subbed in another exercise instead. Again, Ben is always accommodating and about making the plan work right for me! The key to this circuit is the no breaks in between exercises part. Its an ass kicker! Now you dont have to set a hard pace for each exercise, you can do slower jumping jacks if you like for example. But trust me when I say, you want to get it done as fast as you can! Especially the damn mountain climbers! I wanted to die through those! But of course I clearly didnt die, because here I am writing about it. LOL. Oh and one more thing, the Bodyweight Circuit gets done FIVE TIMES! FIVE! So after you do the full circuit, you can rest at then end, but then you have to do it four more times! The good news is Ben said I can break it up and do 2 in the morning and 3 at night if I want. But again, I suggest banging the whole circuit out at once. Then after its done, go for a 30 minute walk. A walk never felt so good. :)
Wednesdays, are MNAC, eating on the plan, and Cardio Boot Camp Class (see Part 3 of this Blog for more info on that).
Thursdays, are just like Tuesdays. MNAC, eating on the plan, and the Bodyweight Circuit. 
Fridays, say goodbye to the term TGIF! Time for the Variable Intensity Cardio Workout. Anyone who knows me knows I run from the word cardio like I run from the term "fat-free". Its never something I look forward to. I like moving, but I prefer my cardio be something fun like dancing or....walking around the mall. But the plan Ben has for me is far more doable than any other system I have tried. (i hate treadmills and ellipticals because I get bored!) The VICW is a 23 minute workout where each minute I am varying my energy level. The activity of choice is walking/running. So for minute 1, I exert about a 3 on an energy scale of 1-10. A 3 is like a nice walking pace. But by minute 4 I am up to a 4, then minute 6 a level 6, and by minute 7 a level 8! Climbing in energy level as I go, it goes up and down through the 23 minutes. It may seem confusing but its actually great for me because its like I can walk then pick up the pace then slow down a little then back up then cool down. Keeps it interesting and keeps me from dying. 
Saturdays are MNAC, food plan and Cardio Boxing Class (stay tuned for the blog on that one coming up soon).
The eating plan for the first month is somewhat strict, but doable. A low calorie, high protein diet consisting of chicken, protein powder, cottage cheese, berries, greek yogurt, egg whites, and green or black tea. These foods are consumed everyday, and in specific proportions. However I have a list of vegetables that I can add to those foods and in unlimited quantities. Like spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, peppers and more. I also can use spices to flavor up my dishes. I can prepare the dishes different ways each meal, as long as I eat all the foods I need to each day. No cutting out! I will tell you thus far its been a little tough because it can get boring. But I also think thats a mind issue because we always want what we cant have, and I usually eat these foods each day anyway! Plus if I want something, I actually can have it! How? 
What I didnt tell you in my weekly layout is that I am allowed to have one day that I can eat what I want. I have opted to choose what day this is based on my weekly plans. So it will vary from week to week. Only rule, it cant be the SAME day I dont work out. So on my "day off" from working out, I still have to eat well. And on the day I indulge on food, I have to still workout. Makes sense when you think about it. Most people take a day off from everything, and that just makes that day that much more of a backstep in your progress!
So looking at my custom plan I am excited. Its based on me and what I need and what I can do. And Ben is there for constant support. I am sure eventually he will be sorry he told me that because I will be texting him one day at a movie theater because I am craving buttery popcorn on a day thats not my day off!
But I cant stress enough that I am a believer that this program will work for me. I am not being paid to advertise this, nor have I ever met or known anyone at ABP prior to starting this program. I encourage anyone who is looking for a way to get in shape and take control of their body to try this out. Just meet with Ben and see what you think. Thats what I did! And at this end of all this I will not only be ready to share my current fitness stats, I will even share what they were when I started!


  1. The eating can be the hardest part. Ben has me on a rule based diet this time around, so I have five rules I have to follow each day: eat every so many hours, always eat a serving of protein, etc. The more rules I follow, the better I'm doing. So far, so good! Glad you are enjoying your workouts with Ben!

  2. Terry, Ben gave me that plan as an option but I was worried I wouldnt be able to keep up with eating that often with my schedule. I love when you post about Activate Body too! Ben is so great and I want everyone to know it!